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Aquarium design is both an art form and a science; most importantly it is the future home for living creatures

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A fish tank is no longer just a glass bowl but a reflection of your personality.

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It takes 6 weeks to cycle (establish the biological filter) in a new saltwater aquarium.

The original method used for cycling a tank consisted of putting a fish or two in a new tank, then waiting up to 6 weeks for the nitrobacter and nitrosoma bacteria to form and grow. It is now known that there are a number of methods which can cycle a tank in as little as one day. Cycling with Live Rock. Cycling with Live Sand. Cycling with Bacterial Additives...

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Chris S.

Owner / Operator
Chris Stevens is one of the premier service professionals in the Phoenix area. His companies; Sunset Aquatics & Son of a Fish, provide the highest level of customer service possible.

Call his cell at 480-235-8457 to get a hold of him at any time with any aquarium questions!


Son of a Fish is growing and needs your help!
Aquarium Service Technician NEEDED! Son of a Fish,llc is looking for a part time tech. We are a aquarium service company located here in the east valley and we are growing extremely fast and are now in need of some awesome employees to assist our amazing customers!